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Ibiza-Rio wrote: “Moreover, the antifungal activity of fluconazole increases when used in combination with liposomal chloroquine”

With this information, one would assume that if fluconazole is the antifungal being used against Candida albicans, and liposomal chloroquine is added which results in the increased potency of the fluconazole against C. albicans, then what you’re suggesting seems more than just plausible.

The study is aimed at the effect on C. neoformans and not Candida Albicans but a google Search reveals that they are both fungi so hopefully results are similar??

Since they’re both a fungi, it makes sense that it would work at least to some degree against C. albicans as well.

I have been fatigued and sleeping non stop for the last 4 days and thought it may have been a side effect of the malaria pills I was taking.

Sounds exactly like die-off. Without finding a study showing that liposomal chloroquine is also effective against the C. albicans fungi, one can only assume that it is from the apparent positive effects it presents (if one can call die-off symptoms positive).