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The translation you’re looking for is this:

The packaging of chloroquine in PS Liposomes allows it to be taken up by macrophages (think of these as the foot-soldiers of the immune system which go around engulfing pathogens).

Apparently, this causes the macrophages to increase in pH. This increase in pH aids destruction of the fungus in the study.

Take-away points:

– The pH is only affected within the macrophage, not within its surrounding environment.

– It’s not necessarily the chloroquine doing anything directly to the fungus. It’s just that it seems to for some reason increase pH in the macrophage which is unfavourable for the fungus.

If this were to work then it would most likely be because the phagocytosis of fungal cells was previously not working however now their macrophages are alkaline, they can destroy the fungus better.
Kind of like giving the foot-soldier a weapon upgrade to suit a specific new enemy.
What havoc this might wreak elsewhere may be of concern though…