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Just thought I should spread the word about chloroquine!! I am adamant that it cured me!

The last time I posted I believe I was in the midst of the last throes of candida die off. 

One week later and I was celebrating my 25th birthday in Rio De Janiero with copious amounts of sugar! Mixed with alcohol!! 

But a warning before anybody decides to pop a couple of chloroquine they have in the cupboard before consulting their doctor/ naturopath / employers and family.. This is one hardcore drug! 

The die off effects if you have not been doing the diet already will be pretty extreme. I personally slept almost non stop for about a week and had never looked so sick before in my life. And this is after I felt like I had made significant progress defeating the candida with the diet etc. 

So go easy!! 

I would love to hear how everybody else goes.. I suppose there is a chance that I could be wrong…? I highly doubt it, especially with a medical study that seems to correlate at least as far as chloroquine v’s another form of fungus (although still yet to have anyone with a medical background verify…!).. But the more anecdotal evidence the less crazy I will sound!!! (hallelujah I found the cure!!!!)

I hope I’m right!!!