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Hi guys,

Yes David I have posted in the discussion thread a few times. I’ve also been trying to tell anyone that will listen and may have the authority to do a study!! I’ve been TRYING!!!!

I might as well tell you my whole Candida story from the beginning.. Funnily enough my forum name which I created when I had just discovered I had Candida turned out to be more apt than I realised at the time. Because I believe my candida probably began in Ibiza and then disappeared in Rio De Janeiro!!

My candida would have been caused by antibiotics. Just before I went to Europe I got a kidney infection that needed IV antibiotics. I didn’t take probiotics. Then when I was in Europe I took antibiotics on several occasions to treat urinary tract infections. I also got another kidney infection while I was over there. Again I never took probiotics.

And I partied. Hard. I’m Australian. It’s our thing. We wait until we go overseas and then we go a little wild. So there were occasions where my diet was consisting almost entirely of cocaine and red bull vodkas for days at a time.

I think I was starting to get diarrhoea towards the end of my time there.. Plus complete and total exhaustion.. Where i literally could barely stand.. But with my antics at that point it’s hard to know if it was candida or not.. I think I may have just assumed it was a natural consequence of abusing this poor temple of mine for so long (I was in Europe for 3 months and spent two of those months in Ibiza) so I didn’t think much of it.

For me the moment I could almost define as the beginning of my real Candida struggles was a month or two after returning home when over the course of a long weekend I drank about half a carton of ginger beer. A few days later and I felt like I ‘was coming down with something’. I believe this was the point where my candida became systemic.

For me, the worst symptom was BRAIN FOG. To describe it to people I say “you know how when you’re really tired you start running on autopilot? Well my autopilot was malfunctioning”. If somebody was talking to me in a conversation I would be focussing ALL my energy on focussing on what they were saying.. And on bad days the best thing I could hope for was a general gist of what they were talking about. And god forbid they ask me a question that required me to use my memory!!! It was shot to pieces. I felt apprehensive driving. I would have to concentrate when changing lanes and often check the lane next to me twice because I didn’t trust whether I had seen a clear lane next to me a second earlier or not.. Reading a map!!! Would have been very amusing to watch had it not been me sitting there for 5 minutes trying to figure it out..

I was also very irritable and went from someone who worshiped trance DJ’s like gods and almost always had music playing.. To NEEDING silence. I would get to the end of the day at work and feel like my brain was absolute overloaded and the last thing it needed was any more stimulus. I just needed to be entirely on my own. In silence. No stress. And preferably no light too.

I was always exhausted but felt like my body was constantly running on stress hormones. Which is how I think I did manage to keep working. It was almost like I was always on this artificial high. My poor adrenals…

So I DID sleep well. This was one thing that doesn’t correlate with candida symptoms. Insomnia has been a problem of mine my whole life so that was one thing that was actually GOOD about the Candida for me. I would collapse into bed and actually fall asleep without needing sleeping pills. I DID however wake up every single friggin morning between 5 and 7 am which, i have since found out, is the time that corresponds to your large intestine meridian being the most active.

And of course I had the intestinal upsets. The lovely flatulence, bloating, pain, the usual run to the bathroom half an hour after I ate (seemingly) ANYTHING.

A couple of days after a sugar or alcohol binge (like after Christmas!!) I would feel like I was coming down with a really bad flu.. (but then of course the flu would never manifest).

I actually don’t think I had oral thrush. I did however get I horrible taste in my mouth about two hours after eating bad candida foods. And I only noticed my white tongue after reading the symptoms for candida.

I DID however get pityriasis versicolor (a type of fungal skin infection) on my back. Which I noticed as soon as I got back from Europe. An indication that my Candida did start towards the end of my time in Europe.

And I have been left with a legacy of a bad case of fungal toe nails.. I had kept nail polish on them for the duration of 4.5 month travels recently and hadn’t even realised there was anything wrong with them until after I returned home and took the nail polish off. Four toenails have since fallen off but are growing back (hopefully in time for the Australian Summer!) with twice daily applications of tea trea oil.

My most recent travels, through latin america, are the reason I discovered Chloroquine. As I mentioned before, I went to Rio De Janeiro. This was locked in!! I had been planning to go to Rio De Janeiro’s Carnival to celebrate my 25th birthday for two years. I had booked an apartment and I had friend coming to help celebrate.

So despite my candida symptoms I had continued to go to work, even performing on call duties as a radiographer to try and save the money for my upcoming trip. Somehow I bluffed my way through those months with my severe brain fog. I knew something was wrong and I think i got something like four different blood tests over those months. Testing for mosquito borne viruses and all sort of things. Working in the medical industry I spoke to many doctors but of course none of them suggested Candida.

By chance my brother had given me a diet book for Christmas that mentioned candida in it. So it was only after looking into it further that I (thank god!!) realised I had candida.

By that stage I had changed my flights of my trip (I was supposed to fly out a couple of weeks after Christmas, but the Christmas sugar binge had left me so sick I decided to change them) for three weeks time. I had THREE WEEKS to cure my candida before I flew out to Rio De Janeiro to celebrate my 25th birthday!! I had nothing to lose. I signed up to this site and posted forums begging for guidance and commenced the hardcore diet.

Three weeks on and it was my time to roll. I hadn’t even risked beginning to reintroduce foods yet. I was feeling better of course but I was going in blind. As I was packing the day before my flight I came across the chloroquine my travel doctor had prescribed me a month or so earlier. I had supposed to have been taking them prior to my journey but with my concerns elsewhere I had forgotten.

So I popped two chloroquine barely 48 or so hours before my flight.

I started feeling tired. Really tired. Before I had even left for the airport. Then almost as soon as I board the plane (complete with a container full of coconut bread) I started sleeping. And that’s pretty much how it was for about a week. Luckily I wasn’t flying straight to Rio. And luckily again I was first stopping in Buenos Aires and staying with a friend and her family. And lucky again that they were so beautiful and looked after me and cooked me candida friendly foods and let me sleep in their bed.. Almost constantly. If I wasn’t sleeping I wanted to be. At one stage I remember looking in the mirror and at the circles under my eyes and thinking I had never seen myself look so sick before in my life. It wasn’t so much poignant as distressing. I was supposed to be partying in Rio in a matter of days!!!

It was while I was still at my friends house in BUenos Aires that I first posted up about the link of chloroquine and candida. I had found the study (above) and posted asking if anyone thinks it may be the reason I was feeling like CRAP.

It then came time for me to commence my journey to Rio. I was going to be taking buses with a stop over at Iguassu falls on the way. Iguassu falls are a set of waterfalls deep in the jungle. It was hot and very humid. I was like a sauna. Despite feeling miserable I was determined to see them. So off I went hiking. Towards the end of that afternoon I started feeling better. I attribute it to my sweating profusely. I believe I must have sweated out quite a lot of the toxic by products of the candida die off that day.

The next day was the first day I woke up feeling like I could get out of bed quite easily. It was also the day I was going to Rio De Janeiro.

About two days later and feeling better.. Although still not 100%.. I decided to “reintroduce” something not candida friendly. I chose alcohol as the first test. We got some grey goose vodka. And some lime. I was going to mix it with water because I didn’t want to risk soda water (haha).

I had a gulp full.and waited half an hour. Nothing happend. So I had another gulp full.and waited half an hour. Then I finished the glass. And waitied until two hours had passed since I commenced drinking with the first gulp full. Nothing. Happened……. SWEET!!! It’s game on!!

The next morning I went to the freezer to discover that I had drunk two thirds of that bottle of grey goose the previous night!!! And I was feeling…..!!!! Hungover…… But candida free!!!! Yippee!!!

So the I ate EVERYTHING. And drank EVERYTHING. Just because I could. I actually say I ‘have healthy taste buds’ and don’t even like ice cream that much. But here I was eating ice cream just ’cause I could!! I was in Rio De Janeiro, on the roof top of my apartment, guzzling a sickeningly sweet concoction of ice-cream mixed with alcohol because we had run out of all the other mixer drinks like lemonade etc.. And even the water melon and citrus fruits had all been used up…

On my 25th birthday, I was able to enjoy a couple of pre mixed alcoholic beverages from the can before I paraded in front of millions of people in the Rio De Janeiro’s 2012 Carnival. The best experience of my life.

So yes. I believe Chloroquine is the cure.

In saying that I have had a few flare ups since that time.

Because I was budget travelling thought Latin America my diet consisted of mostly very heavy and sugar laden food. Latin America have an absolute love affair with sugar in the mornings!! Because I was on a budget I would stay at the hostels that offer free breakfasts and try to make the best of my choices of white bread with an assortment of jams or frostys cereal with flavoured yogurt, or sometimes eggs, frijoles (black beans) and dry white tortillas. Because I was sick when I went away, I had packed a huge bottle of Syntol. I kept taking them even after I had ‘cured’ my candida more for the purpose of getting rid of them so I didn’t have so much to carry in my back pack. But I think they did work as a preventative with all the heavy foods I was eating. Because I was travelling it wasn’t really easy to find or take probiotics. So despite eliminating my candida, I still think the balance still was not quite fully in favour of the beneficial bacteria in my gut so was still quite susceptible for candida regrowth.

Anyway, a couple of occasions on my trip I would forget to take my Syntol, eat some flour tortillas or something for dinner, and wake up with painful bloating or some thing in the morning. This once happened when I was deep in the Guatemalan jungle on a 5 days hike with only the bare minimum in possessions and therefore no Syntol. The pain was so bad a I was feeling faint. I got through the rest of that trip thanks to whatever it was my Spanish speaking tour guide was giving me..

On these occasions when I would have a flare up on my trip I would simply take Chloroquine again and a few days later I would be good to eat anything again.

Since returning home to Australia I have made it a mission to try to replenish my gut with as many good bacteria as possible.

Unfortunately because I am susceptible to urinary tract infections, I have had to take antibiotics a few times since returning home to Australia and a sexual partner. I have learnt the lesson for trying to treat UTI’s with cranberry juice and no antibiotics when I ended up getting kidney infections!! So unfortunately it is a nessecity.

Again when I have started noticing the familiar candida symptoms returning, I just take the chloroquine and it all goes away after a couple of days to a week (depending on how bad I let the candida get).

So that’s pretty much it!! I hope my story, as well as those studies, have convinced you guys that Chloroquine is the cure.

I wish I could say there is absolutely no risk to taking it but of course there is!! Im not sure if i have been suffering side effects from it all or not.. In my own case I struggled with low immunity and fatigue for quite a while.. Almost the whole duration of my trip. I didn’t have easy access to blood tests but I suspected at the time it was due to low iron due to my sudden near vegetarian diet after beginning the candida diet. Then after I returned home I would have almost weekly episodes of fatigue and no appetite as though my body was fighting an infection. These episode would usually last 48 hours as though I was coming down with a flu but would then go away. Again I don’t feel like this is related to the candida but thought I should mention it in case other people start having similar troubles. I have decided to finally get a blood test after reigniting this discussion to see if anything interesting shows. I had lost faith in blood tests after all the ones I had when I was crook as a dog with candida that never showed anything (except slight neutropenia). Plus I figured if I did have an infection they would probably prescribe antibiotics which I would NOT be taking. So I have been treating myself naturopathically and also now with energy medicine (I referred to meridian lines before.. well they are just one aspect of Energy Medicine. If you live in the US you are lucky because you will have easier access to Energy Medicine over there.. Look it up!)

Also a warning that the die off effects are pretty extreme. Remember I had done everything in my power to rid myself of candida over those three weeks before I went away. I had dedicated so much time to online research to try to figure out the best way to go about it and I was doing anything and everything. I had lost 5 kilos with the fast, had been going to infrared saunas, using colloidal silver as well and olive leaf extract with pomegranate and papaya extracts, S. Boulardii… As well as everything they recommend on this site. So I would have thought at least some of it had died off. Yet I had never looked so sick in my life and slept for nearly a week and half straight after taking the chloroquine.

So I guess I should do a little disclosure!! And say get the advice of your doctor.. And be wary that you will probably need some time off work etc..

And I will let you know if anything interesting shows up in my blood tests!