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I am currently treating Candida with Chinese herbs. I found a Chinese herbalist who gave me mixture of dry herbs which I have to simmer for 30 min twice a day and drink after. The taste and the smell of those herbs are absolutely disgusting, but they have cleared my seborrheic dermatitis in a week time (my main candida symptom). It was a miracle, considering I had it for 5-6 years and nothing ever helped. The herbalist said it might take me few months to drink this “tea” (he makes the mixture stronger every 2 weeks) until all symptoms are gone and then I will have to switch to herbal pills to continue. He’s also mentioned that people with skin problems caused by candida tend to release the toxins through their skin, while herbs are working the way so your body starts getting rid of them through your stool. Which is true, they make you go to toilet quite often. I was told not to take any antifungals as herbs themselves have antifungals properties. Just to mention that I was on a strict forum diet for 4 months, but I didn’t have much progress. I attemted to take antifungals like coconut oil and other many times , but skin on my face flared so badly I couldn’t leave the house for weeks, so I had to stop and just stay on a diet, however my dermatitis has never cleared until I start drinking those brews. I don’t know whether it’s going to work for other people, but i thought I might share my experience. I am still on a diet, but I was advised by the same doctor to start eating fruit with low GI, so far i didnt have any break outs. I still get random itchy spots on my skin now and then, but all my “raw skin” patches and “sand paper” skin have gone. I am taking probiotics + supplement and home made kefir (which I couldn’t tolerate for months due to really bad flare ups). I hope this info was useful. Merry Christmas everyone!