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Dr G wrote: My question is not regarding myself but my son. He also received all of those antibiotics. he had oral thrush and diaper rash for the first time at 3 weeks old and its been a battle ever since. he has been diagnosed A-topic an asthma ezcema child. In just 2 years he’s had 10 rounds of antibiotics, 12 rounds of prednizone, and a few rounds of nystatin as an infant. He appears to have a weak immune system dispute being a thriving little boy in all other ways. I know his flora must be out of wack but I couldn’t possibly put him on a diet like this.

The following are a couple of older posts that concern children and Candida.–Help.aspx

He drinks commercial kefir daily for the last year, has taken Bio gala probiotic drops on and off and is now on reuteri.

It’s wonderful that he’ll drink the kefir. Is this homemade or commercially purchased? The kefir should definitely help his flora population.

How many different strains of bacteria do the probiotics that you give him contain?

Will he also eat unsweetened Greek yogurt and sauerkraut? What about a lot of green vegetables?

And is he drinking regular cow’s milk? Coconut milk is an alternative as well as almond milk.