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Dr G wrote: Hi,
I’m new on Day 3 of detox.
Two years ago my son was born, prior to his birth I was given 6 rounds of antibiotics by IV for 24 hours. Ever since I’ve had gastric side effects that indicate Candidates so I figured it was worth a try.

My question is not regarding myself but my son. He also received all of those antibiotics. he had oral thrush and diaper rash for the first time at 3 weeks old and its been a battle ever since. he has been diagnosed A-topic an asthma ezcema child. In just 2 years he’s had 10 rounds of antibiotics, 12 rounds of prednizone, and a few rounds of nystatin as an infant. He appears to have a weak immune system dispute being a thriving little boy in all other ways.
I know his flora must be out of wack but I couldn’t possibly put him on a diet like this.

He drinks commercial kefir daily for the last year, has taken Bio gala probiotic drops on and off and is now on reuteri.


Dr G, that’s PhD.

It is really sad when we read about a child suffering since early in life.
Since you are in the medical field, you may do research about Fecal Transplants.
Take your time, and evaluate this possibility for him. You might find a healthy donor close to his age. The donor have to be screened for everything to be sure that the risks are minimum. I deeply believe in the power of human microbacterias to recover the gut flora. In fact, I believe it is the only one method that works very fast and restores the indigenous flora. There already are some clinics in US doing this procedure. If you want to wait more time trying to modulate his flora with food, it is ok. At least, you know this is a viable option that you can use if the things don’t return to normal.

I wish him the best and a complete recover,