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I purchased ground Chicory Root from The price wasn’t that bad at $6.99 per lb, but the shipping was a little high at $10. Although I maximized it by ordering a few other things. It didn’t bring up the shipping by that much.

My friend is from New Orleans and he swears by Chicory/Coffee blends. I figured I’d try it without coffee first, and see how that goes. I really like it, and I don’t see any reason to add coffee if I don’t need it for taste. Especially decaf.

I was thinking about adding fresh peppermint tea to it. (Also purchased from I wonder if adding a fresh ground Hazelnut would be good. I don’t really enjoy eating them, but I really like the flavor in stuff.

M wrote: When people on here talk about chicory, are they referring to ground chicory root? Or is there an actual chicory “coffee” product on the market that people are buying?