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Funbuzz1;35183 wrote: Thanks for the advice Raster. Much appreciated, we are beginning to plan our garden for this year. I will add that in. I’m still interested to know if any of the ingredients are already known to cause flare ups.

Funbuzz, I purchase mine from The only ingredient is Chicory. I have been using the company for years and they produce great quality products. The version I buy is not organic. The price is 6.99 for 1lb. I think Chicory should be definite for all on this diet based on it’s high Prebiotic %. Able drank it for several months during his treatment and is healed now;further proof it’s a good choice. I have really grown to like it and drink it without any coconut milk, just a dash of cinnamon.

I found this list of top prebiotic foods on wikipedia. Obviously we can’t eat the bottom 3.

Top 10 Foods Containing Prebiotics
Food Prebiotic Fiber Content by Weight
Raw Chicory Root 64.6%
Raw Jerusalem Artichoke 31.5%
Raw Dandelion Greens 24.3%
Raw Garlic 17.5%
Raw Leek 11.7%
Raw Onion 8.6%
Cooked Onion 5%
Raw Asparagus 5%
Raw Wheat bran 5%
Whole Wheat flour, Cooked 4.8%
Raw Banana 1%