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Vegan Catlady;56628 wrote:

I wouldn’t consume all cheeses except for fresh cheese on the diet.

Additionally I feel that almost everyone with mineral deficiencies needs to consume meat and it may be very hard to achieve your health goals without eating meat.


How you feeling on your meat diet,raster?

Still taking all those supplements I assume?

How many years has it been now?

Im offering info here on what I feel is helpful 🙂
If you want to do the same, go burn a calorie and find a pro-meat video like a big-boy.

If you cant find one, Im sorry, but please leave me alone….its like you follow me around or something 🙁

All I did was post a video from, which happens to be NON PROFIT-
a doctor showing peer-reviewed studies that *anyone* can find and refer to.

Im sorry if the information does not match your personal beliefs,but your free to have your opinions.

I do not appreciate you mocking/provoking me about my health…about my personal health protocol on my birthday of all days, thank you very much. I mean I have an opinion, but you don’t see me picking apart the stuff you are doing in your protocol other than the foods you eat.

If you want to attack me, I have some stuff to say to you:
I sometimes wonder if the stuff you post is misinformation because its pretty upsetting to have someone come along and say/suggest the exact opposite of what I’ve been doing on here for awhile and then attack me like this.

It seems like you have strong beliefs about not consuming meat but this is no need to point things out about another person and this is almost the bullying type of behavior that you spoke out against recently. I am not bullying/attacking you, I am just doing what I’ve been doing here for the last few years which is to try to be helpful also and potentially protect other people with different opinions.

I think its important for everyone to consume meat and I honestly don’t think you can get better without it, especially because of my ND’s belief in consuming meat with his 20-30 years of treating people with health problems. If you have serious mineral deficiencies, which most people do who have a candida problem…meat consumption can greatly benefit your health and I am just saying that you should think twice and twice again before suggesting people do drastic dietary changes like you suggest.

For instance, my wife was vegetarian for 3+ years and once she started to consume meat 3x per day, her health greatly improved with the candida diet. So I have not one, but 2 people’s experiences to pull from when I share information on here…

Eating crappy grade chicken with antibiotics/growth hormones is a big difference when compared to free range stuff…do some research before you attack me on this.

I was a cigarrette smoker for 15 years and quit mid december last year and this is why I couldn’t get better on the diet as much as I’d like and make as much progress as I’d like in my personal health journey. But guess what, I still got significantly better and completely healed leaky gut while smoking. You should do some research on candida and cigarrettes because the yeast lives on that shit. I feel a ton better once I quit smoking and I honestly feel like I defeated candida at this point in my treatment.

I drank some alcohol today (first time in a year), I ate some chocolate chip cookies, a hamburger and fries, etc. and no reactions or setbacks really. I feel really good in general and this is a big milestone in my health compared to the heart palpitations I used to get, the headaches, the allergic reactions (burning skin), anxiety, brain fog, constipation, fatigue, etc. Those symptoms were miserable and debilitating. I had something like 30+ symptoms, which is a much more severe case than what most people have experienced on here. I’ve cured almost all of it and I honestly think I’ll be going in a healthy direction for life.

I’ve helped a lot of people here and I’d hate to have to leave because of paltry attacks like this. I just feel it isn’t worth the energy to have to explain myself like this because of someones misguided efforts. I think someone needs to take a look in the mirror because this post is ridiculous.