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Agree with Ms Candida. Avoid the moldy/aged cheese=cause reaction for people with yeast sensitivities. Cottage cheese actually agrees with me pretty well other than being constipating. I notice if my daughter eats too much cheese it constipates her (she has no health issues). Cheese in moderation…

I can understand your reactions with kefir. Water kefir grains have a lot of strains of yeast and looks like it contains some candida strains as well. I notice coconut kefir/water kefir can have a mild alcohol aftertaste giving me confirmation that these types of kefir beverages have a good amount of yeast strains in them.

I thought this link was interesting showing the strains in kefir grains. Notice that it does contain some candida strains. Kefir might not be for everyone…The question is what is the bacteria to yeast ratio in a human Gut? I would think that there is much more good bacteria in the gut than yeast so why would someone ingest something that has 48% yeast, 52% good bacteria in it? Seems like some kefir does not provide the right bacteria to yeast ratio for the human body? Especially for someone who has yeast overgrowth?

*****Perhaps milk kefir is a better option for people that have yeast sensitivies because the lactose is more designed for bacteria than yeast******