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M wrote: Not sure if I’ll be able to find lactose-free cheese, but I’ll have a look. Which cheeses don’t contain mold? I’d imagine aged cheeses such as parmesan would be somewhat moldy…

It’s only aged cheeses, e.g. brie, that have fungi added to them. White cheeses that aren’t processed much like mozzarella, mascarpone, cottage cheese etc should be free of moulds, but generally contain more lactose. Some like mozzarella and paneer are often less than 1% though. The high levels of casein would probably be more of a worry for people with dodgy guts.

Moulds are interesting, because fungi are a diverse category of microbes. I’d imagine different cheeses have different strains that would need to be considered individually. The strains in kefir can be beneficial, as can S. boulardii, so maybe there’s a probiotic cheese strain out there too?

Parmesan doesn’t have yeast added as part of the production process, but I don’t know if they develop during ripening. These studies say they’re high in probiotic bacteria (lactobacillus)