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msmofish;43698 wrote: I know I know I know

This diet is restrictive & hard
I wasn’t asking advice about cheating nor be judged for doing so.

Firstly, your question title was, “Cheating? need advice” So, I can understand why some people responded the way they did.

Also, this isn’t just aimed at you, but, something we all need to consider when we post something on here:

No one is getting paid to reply to a post. We all do this to help each other out. In fact, selflessly. So, I think we should try our darndest to show appreciation and gratitude for people’s responses to our topics. Always.

Now, about your question:
I think eventually, after a period of health. your body will be able to sustain “hidden” ingredients much better. So, perhaps you could see this as temporarily as restrictive it is until your body heals.

I suggest trying 2-4 caps of activated charcoal when you eat something with “hidden ingredients”. Which something you might want to carry with you especially when eating out.