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Mrs candida. I’m paying the price today. I haven’t eaten chocolate since treatment 4 months ago and I feel like shit today. Typical die off but even some weirder stuff. Blurred vision at times, mild headache all day, typical swelled up sinus crap, leg soreness, peein more, thirsty and a little stomach upset. I only ate like 5 or 6 pieces of chocolate but alot of cheese which I don’t touch. The only thing I can think of is I gave the yeast a great meal and now the nystatin, garlic and sf722 are killing more of the yeast. I bet if I wasn’t on fungals I would feel alot better. I was able to eat anything up until I started treatment. I had no digestive symptoms until aug 28, 2012. It’s depressing to know I ate anything I wanted. Now I just want my life back