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I would have been on the diet for just over a month before the trip. My question is, do cheat meals offset all the hard work i’ve put in and take me back to stage 1? Or will it simply delay the recovery process a while longer (say a couple of more weeks?)

Anytime you supply food to the Candida during the treatment you’ll set yourself back. How much depends on your specific overgrowth, the amount and types of foods you eat, as well as how many times you cheat. So it’s anybody’s guess as far as how much time you’ll lose on the treatment. It could literally be a few days or a few weeks or even a few months because at this point there’s simply no way of knowing.

If you’re going to be eating foods for the Candida, all you can do is continue taking antifungals during the same period of time and hope for the best outcome instead of the worse.

I am actually stressing about this a little!

Don’t feel alone in your stress; everyone on the forum with a Candida overgrowth is stressing to one degree or another, so you’re in good company. And if you’re only stressing ‘a litte’ you’re among the lucky ones.