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raster;43375 wrote: If you eat a small amount of carrots daily it shouldn’t be much of a problem … I occasionally binge on them if at a party, etc. and eat a bunch of them there if its the healthiest food option.

Raster, I don’t remember you admitting the above information when you were on the protocol treatment and suffering from Candida symptoms. Were you eating carrots daily at that time and did you ‘binge’ on them now and then? If you did not, it may be helpful for the newer members if you make them aware of where you are in the treatment at this time, and exactly how long you’ve been bingeing on carrots. New people come onto the forum every day, and they have no idea who we are or where we are as far as a Candida infestation is concerned.

I wanted to post the following information about carrots, but I’ll let you do it for me. A month ago, during April, on three different days you typed the following statements. These are direct quotes from your posts.

1) Some people have perpetual die-off because they feed the candida treats like rice, corn, fruit, potatoes, carrots, etc

2) What you need to restrict is starch which converts to sugar. Starchy food items include potatoes, carrots, corn, rice, etc.

3) There are reasons carrots, potatoes, and corn are not on the diet and its because each are high in the glycemic index, each are high in starch (which converts to sugar), and each are inflammatory.