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Hey alex, a few carrots won’t really harm you so I’d appreciate it you backed off a little bit. I clarified my statement and most people follow the food list.

If you are 5 months into the diet and eat small amount of carrot, this likely would set you back .01% I am guesstimating. Its more nutritious than a bunch of other foods and does have some beneficial properties. Its a great test food item to go forward towards the next stage. It isn’t the same as eating a pineapple!

The diet isn’t supposed to be so STRICT in my opinion to the point where you fester over a small amount of carrots or other similar food items 5 months into the diet. I say go for it every now and then and see how your body responds. Maybe it’ll bring benefit instead of detriment. Carrots are on 80% of the candida diets; most state don’t eat in large quantities like other similarly starchy food items. 5-30g of sugar from a vegetable won’t cause the candida to come raging back. 150g of sugar is a different story.

You can eat 5 carrots for 50g of sugar or two salads that contain 50g of sugar, which will harm you more? I’d say its pretty equal in my opinion…same sugar content! Its all about how well your body digests a food item and how quickly. I am not saying they are equal but their sugar content is…

I’ve also had a small amount of carrots throughout my treatment on salads which is like 5g of sugar and it hasn’t really done anything negative. I’ve had salads without it and no difference really. I’ve experimented and I recommend that everyone do this as well.