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Given the amount of people that are still working through their treatment and posting on here after “cheating” and talking about how it has set them back, including yourself, I find it kind of ridiculous that you would be promoting this sort of thing, raster. Nobody wants their treatment to last longer. We are all here to get better, presumably.

Having gotten over the hump, I am grateful for every time I turned down any and all temptations in favor of my health, and I know that is a big part of why I have seen so many improvements so quickly. I would rather be the weirdo that brings their own food to the party or that just skips a few parties to take care of myself than to continue being sick, but maybe that’s just me.

It’s great that you’re “better” now, but 95% of the people on this board aren’t, and most of them are confused and looking for answers, just like you were a couple of years ago. It’s a disservice for those you’re dispensing advice to for you to forget what it’s like to be there.