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alexalgebra;43433 wrote: What salad has that much sugar?? The salad I get has 0 grams in it. I mean honestly, I don’t know how I would even get more than 30g of sugar in a day, and I would have to eat a ton of yogurt and eggplant or something to reach that number. I probably average around 15g, I’m guessing? I haven’t tracked my food in months, so I don’t know for sure, but based on what I was eating before, it was something like that.

And no, people shouldn’t be experimenting when they are still having symptoms, which is 95% of the people on here.

Yes, alex, the salads I eat do not either contain sugar, or maybe a couple grams, if I use something like the annie natural dressing (has apple cider vinegar).

Raster is probably talking about salads like you get at restaurants, or people that make their salads or at salad bars that pack on the bacon bits, fruits, croutons, dressing, etc. Those are the salads that are extremely unhealthy!!!! I do agree if you are having symptoms you shouldn’t experiment, but at some point, how are you going to know after a certain point trying trace amounts of foods? It seems like you are doing pretty well now-a-days. Have you thought about trying to re-introduce some foods again?