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Able900 wrote:

Do you really think the carbohydrates are which cause your fatigue or lack of energy ?? The carbohydrates aren’t responsible if you have fermentation in the gut.

Interesting research results:

People who do not crave carbohydrates were found to feel more fatigued, less alert, sleepy, and experience an increase in depression after a carbohydrate enriched meal.

People who crave carbohydrates were found to feel less to no change in the same aspects.
Source: American Journal of Epidemiology Copyright © 2000 by The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health

From a research study performed by the American Psychological Association concerning the psychobiological effects of carbohydrates on humans as reported in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Vol 50, May 1989.
Conclusion: Higher carbohydrate meals produce fatigue.

You can spend some time reading these articles !!
I can post 20 links if you want !!
Again, if you have fermentation in the gut or candida, eating carbohydrates will cause more fatigue, but it isn’t caused by the carbs directly if not because the toxins released cause it.