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Javizy wrote: It’s rock solid in a block that you need to grate or dissolve in water. Check the Wiki here. It’s good because you can make coconut milk or cream just by adding water, or use it as dessicated coconut by grating it. It’s pretty economical, as well.

Javizy, the coconut cream that I purchase comes in a jar, however, when I bring the jar home from the store it’s usually in a solid form unless it’s the middle of summer, plus, since I keep my house “very” cool at night, by morning it’s a solid block again which cannot be poured from the jar, not because it’s frozen, but because it must be warmed to a creamy consistency. What I do is scrape the amount I wish to enjoy from the top and warm that in a microwave.

By the way, adding cold water will only cause it to harden more, so you’ll need to use very warm water. That is if it’s the same consistency that I use (the description on Wiki sounds the same. It’s delicious mixed with Greek yogurt and a bit of Stevia or Truvia.