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Able900 wrote: Fact: It was proved many, many years ago that eating carbohydrates is not necessary for sustaining life and preventing diseases.

Fact: There are hundreds of diseases known to be caused by a lack of protein, fats, and various nutrients in our diet, however, there has never been identified even one disease caused by a lack of carbohydrate food sources.

Fact: Grain fed to steers causes weight gain which leads to fat and also causes various intestinal diseases. The feedlot diet given to steers is almost identical to the USDA Food Guide Pyramid.

Fact: Fruit is mostly fructose sugar with some vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These various nutrients are easily obtained from meat, fish, fowl and green vegetables containing no fructose. The body processes fructose from fruit in the same way as it processes fructose from soft drinks. Fructose is fructose no matter what the source is and causes insulin resistance the same as cane sugar as proven in scientific tests.

Fact: Carbohydrates cause insulin production which causes cardiovascular heart disease.

Fact: The only way to prevent the various diseases which are caused by insulin spikes is to eat a low-carbohydrate diet.

Fact: Several primitive societies have existed for their entire lifetime with low carbohydrate diets and have proven diabetes and all the various diseases of consequence do not naturally exist for human beings.

Fact: Humans have all the biochemistry necessary to make the amount of carbohydrates that we need from protein and fat, this means we convert protein and fats into carbohydrates. Our bodies are designed to exist perfectly healthy without extra carbohydrates being added to the diet.

Concerning existing on a very low-carb diet:
(The following information is only meant to prove that carbohydrate foods are not necessary to sustain health and life and is not intended to be practiced by readers)

Vilhjalmur Stefansson: Arctic Explorer 1879-1962


Still with the lot of “facts’ you posted in your point of view, there are hundreds of nutritional programs and universities that consider carbohydrates very important in the food chain.
Do we need to believe in theory, in some people belief or in the scientific evidence and research ??
I would like to support the idea of 0 carbohydrates with better arguments but promoting it with opinions don’t get me any proof they are right. What is true is I have never had the same energy level I had when following an anticandida diet. Moreover, I believe most people are looking for to be “normal” and to resume their life with a social life that allow them to look normal , but no someone from another planet. I have been told for many candida sufferers this diet suck. I am one of them who think it. It is necessary to fight CRC but pretending to live in this way is real a concern. We are human and are alive !! We want fun, parties, social life, and many delicious food this diet limit. The experience and knowledge after this illness demonstrate there are better eating habits but nobody wants to be an slave of any diet for the rest of their life. Less, to say about fruit, diary, and many other healthy things are out this diet. It should be considered a temporary diet and to do the correct things to eliminate the fungal overgrowth to forget it. Symptoms control that keep you obligated to eat conditioned is pure garbage. We should have real and better aspirations, at least I want them. No to say I want to go to straight to a pizza and coca cola but many, many things a normal human do and are necessary to brake this isolation.