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Able900 wrote: If you notice on the “Allowed Foods” list coconut is acceptable after the first two weeks of the cleanse/diet. I ate raw coconut, coconut manna, and coconut condensed cream daily throughout my treatment and continue to have it today.

Is coconut condensed cream the same as creamed coconut? The hard block that you grate and mix with water (pic here)? If not, what do you think of that stuff? The one in my local supermarket is 100% coconut (no other ingredients).

dvjorge wrote: You can spend some time reading these articles !!

Sports nutrition is hardly relevant to us, even those of us who have hobbies like jogging. This sort of stuff only applies to athletes or people who spend a large amount of their free-time exercising.

Part of the problem in talking about “carbs” is that the effects will differ significantly depending on the type of carb. It’s easy to see how people eating cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, fries for dinner and snacking on sweets can crash in-between meals and generally feel crappy, but those eating complex, low-GI carbs like lentils and vegetables aren’t going to suffer the same problems.

+Christian+ wrote: oh yeah? well how come everyone isnt falling over dead with cardiovascular disease?? Because those studies are not accurate and there is a vast number of factors that cannot be controlled. Health is influenced by genetics, lifestyle, exercise, diet, and it is sometimes just a big lottery. I am not doubting a low carb diets benefits because maybe there is some benefits and if it makes you feel good, good. But honestly you cannot correlate health accurately towards anything you mentioned.

I agree with what you’re saying about the causes being hard to single out, but people are falling over dead with heart disease. Non-communicable diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, are the leading cause of death in the world. Kind of shocking when you think about how many die from simple infections in less-developed countries.