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dvjorge wrote: You can spend some time reading these articles !!

Sports nutrition is hardly relevant to us, even those of us who have hobbies like jogging. This sort of stuff only applies to athletes or people who spend a large amount of their free-time exercising.

Part of the problem in talking about “carbs” is that the effects will differ significantly depending on the type of carb. It’s easy to see how people eating cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, fries for dinner and snacking on sweets can crash in-between meals and generally feel crappy, but those eating complex, low-GI carbs like lentils and vegetables aren’t going to suffer the same problems.

I disagree with you. First, the athletes are humans , no aliens.! I lived 40 years eating whatever I wanted and never knew what the word tired is. I was able to practice two sports, work 14 hours a day, and have sex in the night almost every day. Never sick!! I know all about complex carbohydrates, high GI carbs, micronutrients, etc. Think I am not pushing carbohydrates during this treatment but talking they aren’t going to cause any damage if you are healthy, specially fruits, and complex carbohydrates like you said. I have never had the energy I had since I cut the carbohydrates. I know the reason because I have left the diet two times and began eating beans, rice, corn, fruits, etc, and my energy came back. ( I din’t returned to pizza, Mc Donald, sodas, etc ) Unfortunately, my treatment wasn’t effective enough to eliminate the fungus or my immune system never recovered and I relapsed. But, the energy only was back when I could open the diet. Trust me I know what energy means because I had it all my life.