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That’s interesting, because I was under the impression that S. Boulardii excreted caprylic acid?

They secrete capric as opposed to caprylic acid, Cheesy. In fact, according to research studies, that’s how they inhibit the biofilm formations of Candida albicans.

Mrs. C, caprylic acid has anti-fungal as well as anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, so when using this it should definitely be alternated as shown on the protocol, and as with any antifungal which has evel mild anti-bacterial properties it shouldn’t be used over long periods of time. Depending on a person’s individual population of beneficial bacteria, Caprylic acid taken over time could probably affect the number of bacteria and therefore the infestation and the adrenals/immune system. If this is the culprit that’s causing you problems (which is pretty unusual but anything’s possible with C. albicans.), then you’re wise to leave it out of your regimen.