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Well unfortunately, going to a naturopath costs a bunch of money. Its $140/hr plus the supplements (which run a few hundred dollars per month) so its going to be tough to afford it.

The products I recommend most include SF722 undecenoic acid by thorne and HMF neuro by genestra. Threelac is a low count low strain probiotic that we don’t recommend; it’d be much better to get human derived probiotics or a high strain high count probiotic in comparison.

Basically to get better, the main thing you need is the strict diet. On top of that you need antifungals and probiotics (mentioned above). Eating all organic foods are also quite important. Then you’ll need specific supplements for your specific symptoms and you’ll basically have to figure this out on your own. Vitamin C is quite important as well as anti-inflammatory supplements. You’ll also need a detox plan once you start so you don’t suffer from the die-off toxins. This is very important. All of these topics are covered on the forum if you were to do some searching.

I don’t have a step by step plan because a lot of this is trial and error, especially if you go the treat yourself route.