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Hi raster, i’m new here and i need your help. I’ve got a severe case of this candida. Over the last 10 years I’ve been taking Prilosec for an ulcer, well it seems to have thrown my whole system out of wack. I’m extremely hypoglycemic, have been for 10 years. Hypoglycemia started when I first started taking antacids. I still have an ulcer that is not under control, although since I learned about candida 2 months ago I stopped taking Prilosec, and take previcid instead. If I don’t take something for the ulcer, I can’t eat anything.

My condition took a major turn for the worse 3 years ago. Literally overnight i started having extreme anxiety issues and panic attacks like I was going to pass out at really bad times.(driving) And with that came this brain fog that has totally ruined my life. The skin issues are minor compared to these other symptoms.

I’ve done a lot of research and am having problems deciding what to do. It’s obvious to me that the bacteria has gotten into my blood stream and is having a party in my brain. A lot of the feedback in the candida sites are people who aren’t having as severe of a infection as I am having. What treatment specifically will affect the candida in my blood and brain? What process do you recommend raster, and please be specific?

thank you for caring enough to be here for those who need you.