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jameskep;30442 wrote: I’ve learned more than I care for with this condition. The pile of research on my desk/time spent on forums and websites can account for this. Not to mention I’ve probably tried about every product imaginable for this condition. Just very frustrating that people have to go through this kind of torture with a organism that can be so adaptive and resilient. For people that have all of their good flora or the majority of their good flora wiped out by this organism(via antibiotics,antibacterials etc..) it can a living hell try to get the Gut back into homeostasis. Everyone’s condition can be slightly different depending on how much of their good flora has been altered our wiped out. The more the good flora has been altered or wiped out the more the complicated this condition gets. Most Doctors just don’t realize that the majority of our immune system is good bacteria/flora. So why and the hell would they prescribe something that can destroy the majority of our immune system with anti-biotics. I would never put my kids on anti-biotics and run the risk of setting up for them a lifetime of digestive and health issues for them. Only 2 rounds of antibiotics for my brother from the dentist has sent his digestive issues into a tailspin for months.

Anyways, I’m sure many people appreciate the time that the experts and other’s on here spend helping each other trying to overcome this monster.

Something that can be added to the list of anti-fungals is Black seed oil. It is a great anti-fungal . The research on it for inhbiting candida is very impressive and found it to be much stronger than any of the anti-fungals I’ve tried out there. Its like a candida bomb. For me, It seemed much stronger than Oregano oil, garlic, or pau’d arco. I’m still in the beginning stages of experimenting with it but so far it seems to inhibit the candida better than anything I’ve tried.

Good Thanksgiving to all,

There are many trues in your post. The good thing about this syndrome is to catch it early. Sadly, most people realize it when the destruction is going on.