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quick wrote: Does this seem like a good idea to take them both together?

Candidase contains Cellulase.

(Note difference in spelling) Cellulose (vegetables) + Cellulase (Candidase) = glucose

Cellulose is an enzyme found in vegetable fibers. When vegetable fibers are eaten, Cellulase breaks down the fibers and they are changed into glucose. Candida albicans feed on glucose.

Research report below:

“Cellulose strongly adsorbs cellulase at pH 4.0-5.0, 25-50°C, conditions which are optimum for the enzyme action. The adsorbed enzyme is sufficient to digest the cellulose with no replenishment of enzyme even though the liquid phase containing the sugar is continuously removed. As cellulose is digested, the released enzyme is reabsorbed on excess or newly added cellulose with retention of activity. Sugars can be separated from the enzyme-cellulose complex by simple filtration or centrifugation or by retaining the enzyme-cellulose complex in a column from which the sugar solution is eluted. Adsorbed cellulase has been used to produce syrups containing 5-14% glucose continuously from stirred reactors containing 10-20% cellulose, or from cellulose columns.”

Source: Journal of Polymer Science Part C: Polymer Symposia, Volume 36