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Thanks Tom and Raster,

I completely agree Tom, it’s rubbish not knowing, and it’s probably all three, and it’s going to be a nightmare healing them.

You’re lucky to have high energy levels, mine are none existent at times, though much better when I’m doing lots of exercise. For some reason I have much fewer die off symptoms when I run. I’m assuming this is to do with exercise speeding up my lymphatic system and getting all the toxins out.

That article about leaky gut is interesting. I react to acidophilus too, so I almost certainly have leaky gut. I still don’t know whether I have parasites or candida or both causing it, but since the cure is the same, and my doctors refuse to test me for either (apparently I’d “know” about it if I had parasites, like 80% of food making me sick isn’t a big enough hint…) I’m just going to stock up on that Molybedium stuff, look into the food grade earth and hope for the best.

Thanks Raster, it’s good to know I’m not alone, and that there is hope of a cure. Did you have problems with dairy? I still crave it after 10 years of knowing I can’t eat it.

The main thing I’m finding is helping at the moment is avocados. They seem to make me feel instantly better and apparently they’re an anti inflamatory as well as a gut healer, so maybe they’d work for you too Tom?

I’ve also been reading the other posts on biotin over the weekend, and have realised I’ve had massive brain fog for ages and just didn’t realise it. I’ve stopped taking it for now and feel much more with it. I won’t start again until I get my Moly-stuff.

Do I need to be diagnosed with parasites Raster? the UK healthcare system make me feel like I’m mentally ill or attention seeking.