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I found this written on another site :

quote:”The Big Confusion
Leaky gut causes many of the severe symptoms of Candida. Removing Candida can often help Leaky Gut; removing Candida often does not heal the Leaky Gut unto itself. After Candida is gone, Leaky Gut is still there and so are the Leaky Gut symptoms. So the person thinks he has Candida. They are right to think it is still Candida because the Candida caused the Leaky Gut and its symptoms in the first place. But After the Candida is gone the Leaky Gut remains so the person still thinks that Candida is there. Well it’s not! And if the person and the Doctor continue to treat the Candida they get no improvement because what they should be treating is the Leaky Gut!

Acidophillus Makes me Sick!
When one has Leaky Gut they lose their “Mucin Layer’ Mucins protect your intestinal cells and act like a barrier similar to wax on your car or wood floor. When the Mucin layer is gone due to Leaky Gut you may react allergicly to Acidophilus. If Acidophilus makes you bloat, gas, itch, or gives you rashes, hives, flu symptoms and allergy reactions you may have Leaky Gut Syndrome.”

Any input? I recently upped my probiotic intake and now I have a growing itchy rash on my chest. Hard to tell if its candida die off, parasite die off, or a leaky gut reaction.

Also, what do you guys think of “Oxypowder”?