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I really don’t know if I have leaky gut, it was just a guess. Just like I still don’t know if I have parasites or candida overgrowth.

I do know that when my original symptoms showed, it was right after drinking a big glass of milk. It caused cramping in my lower abdomen. After a few weeks I started to break out in with an itchy skin rash and when I quit drinking milk, the itchy rash went away. My doctor suspected that I was lactose intolerant but after staying lactose and dairy free for over a month, my digestive issues were still continuing. Just not as severe.

After stopping myself from drinking milk, I had no more severe cramps or major skin rash. But I still had gas bubbles in my gut after each meal. The gas bubbles didn’t stop until I started eating raw carrots. At the time I suspected I had parasites. The weird thing is that even though my stomach feels a lot better (not 100% better) my stools still won’t forum normally which worries me. I don’t know if it was switching to a sugar free diet or taking much more probiotics is what is helping my symptoms right now though.

I seen a GI doctor and she says she didn’t think this sounded like I have IBS or any of the major known digestive diseases. She thinks that sometimes after people have an infection with severe diarrhea that their intestines get a bit damaged and it becomes hard for the it to digest certain foods supposedly for lack of enzymes. She told me it could take time to heal. I have heard that milk, especially casein ( I drank too much casein protein powder) is hard to digest. I have NO idea if she is right, and reading all this stuff about candida, leaky gut, parasites has me losing my mind trying to find the right diet, meanwhile I lost 40lbs. I don’t have faith in a lot of doctors so maybe that’s why I spend a lot of time worrying.