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Yeah I drive myself crazy trying to figure out what I have. The diet on this site seems to help a lot. Hard to tell though if its because it is a healthy diet or if I have candida overgrowth. Symptoms of intestinal parasites and candida seem to be exactly the same as well as the die off. I definitely have die off symptoms such as lightheaded feelings,brain fog and now weird skin break outs all over the body. Brain fog seems to be gone lately but skin issues are still here about two weeks into being sugar free. I still hope it is not candida and maybe my gut just needs to heal. But are the die off symptoms from candida die off? parasite die off? Or just toxins leaving my system?? Would have leaky gut or toxins built up lead to skin break outs or toxins? The thing is that it sounds like a lot of these syndromes go hand in hand and many people probably have all of them at once.

One thing that I find interesting it that many people report being seriously fatigued when they have parasites, candida, or leaky gut.. That’s the ONE symptom that I don’t have. I have plenty of energy even though I’m barely even eating anymore. I have to restrain myself from working out in the gym again. I have ZERO fatigue.