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I love reading this. You help all of us by sharing your story. I am so happy for you.

I agree, Able, I was all over the place and making mistakes (I thought I was being strict), due to another candida diet that also didn’t carefully explain die-off and why we have it. Your information is so critical. You really should write a book. Just think of the reviews!

Today is the first day of week 6 for me. Although the first 3 weeks I wasn’t taking anti-fungals or the candida supplements (due to surgery) so not sure it counts.

I have finally felt my brain fog clear. I was telling all my doctors that something was wrong inside my brain and they all told me it was age, onset of menopause, depression, etc… I knew it was something ‘different’. That is gone! I was a very happy, optimisitc, and energetic person. For the past year I’ve done the bare minima, have been so tired all the time and was practically in hiding.

I’m still healing. I’m sure it will take a while but the fact that I feel happier in my head is the best gift. I will also continue this for as long as it takes. I never want all of those symptoms to return again.

Thank you Pamay, and thank you Able for all that you do for all of us.