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Ashlay wrote: Which type of milk do you guys suggest as the best for the diet to make Kefir with?

I prefer coconut milk myself, but unfortunately, as GayBofill explained on the forum just the other day, it’s rather difficult to have the kefir turn out as it should with coconut milk. Normally it can take several batches for kefir grains to adapt to coconut milk; in other words, before it can actually ferment into kefir.

I imagine for this reason most of us use regular cow’s milk. According to reports, raw milk kefir is the most nutrient-filled form. Organic is preferred as far as cow’s milk is concerned, but you will have kefir even if you use regular milk from your local market.

If the directions instruct you to allow the fermentation period to last from one particular time to another, always use the longest fermenting time as this removes more of the milk sugar.