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Hi Able, thanks again for the strict diet, we are trying to follow this best we can. We are on week 2, and it just seems something is really missing in the diet. I am not saying this because of cravings (ohhhhh, the cravings) but because we both (wife and I) are fairly weak and lightheaded and lacking energy (even more so than before, where I was ALWAYS tired).

I understand the Brain needs glucose, that is its fuel, so maybe lack of glucose is causing this? Is lower blood pressure normal on this diet, and this could be why? How long should a person go without glucose of some kind? (We both did the lemon colon cleanse diet before, cayenne + lemons + water + organic maple syrup, and day 5 onward the energy level was truly amazing [again I am thinking the syrup here kicked in once crap was detoxed and flushed)

I am also a little concerned that we are not experiencing much die-off so far. We both had a bad headache 2nd day (I always use to get this from not eating enough) and my wife had muscle aches the 3rd day, that is about it as far as I can tell. Maybe we don’t have Candida that bad? (we never got tested properly, only BIE) I’m sure people experience die-off in variable amounts but it seems most people feel awful the first 2 weeks and so far we do not. We are taking Moly, etc etc per the Protocol and Vitamin recommendations which I am sure helps, but this much? We are about 5 days into taking Caprylic acid, we also take Vit C, Moly, Milk Thistle and Biotin for now, have not started Probiotics yet

Thanks for your help!