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Hi Pamay,
very interesting story.

It sounds like You are very familiar with diets and You have tried so many things.
But still You are searching and not certain.
A little confused about all the information and at the same time You have so much experience and knowledge about healing.

Is that so? That would basically also describe me and my quest for health since years now.
I have in march this year after a whole year on another crazy diet with daily coffee enemas and little results decided to see a naturopath.

I live in LA and my naturopath is also the author of a book about candida, so she is an expert.
But I feel for the first time not so overwhelmed by all of this.
I’m very sick and have still along way to go.
Do the able/raster diet with their supplement plan.
But if You can, try to see a real person too.
I think either Able or Raster has a naturopath that does also skype visits.
Or I could ask my naturopath if she does that.