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Able900 wrote: From: Able and Raster

The two of us have combined our knowledge and experience and finally agreed on what we believe to be the best protocol for a Candida albicans treatment and therefore we’ve created an all-in-one set of instructions. It’s taken a week to come to a complete agreement on every detail of the protocol. If you have questions concerning any aspect of the protocol, we’ll be glad to answer them.

I posted this under a new topic by mistake!
Able (and Raster too please),
I am new to this website and have been reading up on the candida cleanse and diet for hours! I hope I am not getting too excited about being cured! I am 27 and have been suffering from chronic hives for 6 years. It has been MISERABLE. Has there been any research/conclusion on your part that suggests that a candida cleanse/diet can work for me?
I look forward to hearing your reply!
– Jenny