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Hello Able900

and does your container read, “Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate”?

No but Molybdenum glycinate chelate. Glycinate is a Amino Acid and I think it is the same.

Describe your symptoms please

Very strong fatigue
panic attacks
fear and depression
a little earache and headache
extreme drinking requires
Stomach rumble
racing heart
tired muscles
burning eyes
hair loss
brain fog

supplements you’re taking

Two weeks ago I have reduced to:

LEF Mix / 6 tabs
Carlson Labs MolyB / 2 or 3 tabs with 500mcgr
Vitamin C / 10 grams
Chlorella / 3x 6 caps
Magnesium Chloride / 900mg
Psyllium / 2x 6 tablespoon
Milk Thistle with 200mg silymarin

Antifungals or probiotics are not possible at the moment. Both result in a massive deterioration.

describe your diet

I eat mostly salads like lettuce or valerianella locusta with raw cucumber, white mushrooms, onions, some hearbs. Sometimes eggs, beef and a little bit yeast-less cheese.

The only thing I can not understand, why raw carrots should be avoided. They have only about 4 grams carbohydrates and some fiber.

Thank you very much