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Thank you for your answers Able.

All of these are probably Candida overgrowth symptoms and not necessarily stemming die-off.

Maybe but all these symptoms getting worse by taking antifungals, probiotics or drinking kefir.

You’re eating both mushrooms and beef, so that means you’re not following the strict diet that is available if you want it.

I have followed the dietary recommendations on this site except the mushrooms: So please send me your stricter diet and I will try to translate it. 😉 Thank you

This also answers your question, “Any ideas why it doesn`t work for me?”

Yes but I am now sicker than before the diet and treatment. My hope was, that the Molybdenum helps a little bit.

I’ll try to take time to look at your individual supplements which are not on the forum protocol.

Yeah sorry, but the Life Extension Foundation is the only practical and cheap solution to get high-dosed american supplements in Germany. So I have only a limited number of products which I can buy. But most of in the protocol mentioned nutrients are in the LEF Mix. (Vitamin A C D E, NAC, trace minerals, Biotin, a little bit of milk thistle, magnesium, iodine)