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Hello, Jo. Your questions are normal ones so don’t ever feel bad about asking questions concerning any post or any subject.
I’m not sure about the other experts, but any time I see the need I will quickly and easily change the standard protocol and diet in order to meet a member’s personal needs. I am aware of your work schedule and this is why I made exceptions for you; a 14-hour work day is long for anyone, but especially someone on a Candida diet.

You are bound to need extra protein in order to get through that first day back at work after your break. I’m sure you are weaker than you imagine and will see the consequences of that on your first work day. Anything you can do to make that day easier and less strenuous for you is acceptable, even if it means going off the diet. I’m sure that some people are literally ‘bug-egged’ at that comment, but I am aware that people need to work, especially with the present economical world-wide situation, and no one can take the chance of losing their job. What will happen if you go off of the diet? You will no doubt add a day or more to your treatment period depending on what you choose to eat, but I imagine you’ll agree that a longer treatment period is preferable to making yourself too tired or sick to do your job properly at this time.

Let me know if you have other questions please.
Sincerely, Able