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After reading dozens of posts and information on this forum, I’ve created a plan of attack. I’d love some critical feedback on whether or not this is a good plan.

I should mention that I will not be able to do the full cleanse and will be starting right at Step 2: The Strict Diet and maintaining this diet. I travel for work a great deal and I’m also extremely intolerant to eggs. I also have leaky gut too and I’m hoping this treatment plan will help that problem as well.

Week 1:
1) Molybdenum, 250 mcg per day
2) Grape Seed Bitter, 1/2 of a dropper after each meal
3) Vitamin D (already taking)1000mg, 2x per day
4) Vitamin A, 5000 iu per day
5) Probiotics, 10 strain, 11 billion (already taking)
6) Vitamin C (already taking) 1000 mg, 3x per day
7) Zinc 25-50mg, Calcium 1000mg & Magnesium 400mg per day
8) Grapefruit Seed Extract (already taking) 125mg, 2x per day.
9) Digestive Enzymes after each meal, DO I STILL NEED THESE IF I’M TAKING GRAPE SEED BITTER?

Week 2:
1) All the same as week 1
2) Anti-fungal #1: Caprylic Acid, DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH TO TAKE

Week 3:
1) All the same as week 2
2) Anti-fungal #2: Oil of Oregano, 4 drops, 2x per day

Week 4:
1) All the same as week 3
2) Anti-fungal #3: Garlic Pills, DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH TO TAKE

Week 5:
1) All the same as week 1
2) Anti-fungal: Begin rotating anti-fungal, SHOULD I TAKE MORE OF THE ONE ANTI-FUNGAL DURING THE ROTATION?
3) Start new probiotic, Mega Flora

Week 6 and onwards:
Maintain protocol from week 5.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Would love to start this treatment ASAP.