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Hi. I hope today is a better day for you. I was having the tiredness of die-off and the constipation as well. The SF722 seems to be helping with that, or it is a coincidence that things got moving when I began taking it. Also, I’ve been making a smoothie of: raw thai coconut meat, water, 1 big teaspoon of raw spirulina, one scoop of organic hemp protein, stevia, a handful of organic kale and spinach, with soaked chia seeds. This really makes me feel good. I have energy and I think it has aided ‘moving things along’.

TMI alert: Has anyone had THIS experience: I began the spirulina drinks and the SF722 same day. My bms are a greenish color. Is this detox or spirulina? I’ve had spirulina plenty of times in the past and never noticed this. Just curious.

Feel good Pamay. I’ll be thinking of you today.

Shayfo if you’re on, how do you feel about acupuncture for candida? Thanks.