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You can start the milk thistle and vitamin C on the first day when you start taking molybdenum and continue both throughout your treatment. Start with 1000 mg of vitamin C and work up to 3000 mg by the third day.

Can I use garlic tablets just on their own as an anti-fungal for the entire treatment, will I need to increase the dose? or do I need another anti fungal also? If I do just have garlic, will the candida not get used to it after a while?

Garlic pills with enhanced allicin act as an antifungal as well as an antibiotic which can destroy the beneficial flora in your intestines. Stop taking this once you begin to take the probiotics. You could eat raw garlic occasionally at that point, but do not use it daily as an antifungal.

If you mentioned taking virgin coconut oil, I missed it. So if you’re not planning to use this you’re making a huge mistake. Be sure to read the antifungal link which is part of the Forum Protocol so that you’ll know how and how much to take.

Be sure to post updates regularly so that the more seasoned veterans can help you along with the treatment. Also read all the links connected to the protocol. Do you have the forum’s strict diet or are you going to use a different diet?