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Donna V
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I agree with Mama that quantities to take would be helpful. I have purchased all but the digestive bitters. I am on Day 2 of the detox after following the strict diet for a week. I’ve cut out all sugars and grains two years. I purchased NAC which was in The Ultimate Candida Diet. It only has 50mg of molybdenum. My health store did not have any other molybdenum product. Should I take one, two or three of these. Since I live in Alaska, shipping is exorbitant as companies don’t think we are part of the United States.

Also, if I am doing the lemon, cayenne mixture should I add the bentonite clay detox or is it a matter of choice of detox drinks?

Lastly for now, how much of the oil of oregano, thyme and caprylic acid does one take daily?

Thank you for your help!
Donna in Alaska