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You will have to tell us about your books when they come out. While you’re lying around healing, pickup Dr. Brian Weiss: Miracles Happen. It’s all documented stories of past lives. All his work is fascinating but this book is especially ‘healing’. I was trying to think of the deeper meaning of ‘candida’ and think they we are all mirrors or microcosms of the macrocosm. Perhaps since our world is in trouble (bad soil, zero nutrients, pollution). We are literally rebooting and repairing our own soil so that good can grow. I think Raster and Able are the leaders and we will all be soldiers to go out an hopefully help others. I am pretty certain this is an epidemic and most people don’t know it exists. I am very fit, eat pretty much organic exclusively, haven’t eaten white flour or pastas in about 10 years, do not eat sweets and yet here I am. Mine is from years of antibiotics as a child, and a very stressful year, also filled with antibiotics this year. I look forward to us all sharing our ‘wellness’ stories very soon.

QUESTION: Do any of you get a weird feeling in your throat? I think this may be part of the die-off?

Feel good everyone.
Regards, H