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Dynamic;46224 wrote: I just got some vitamins. I am not sure about the ingredients, I will be gratefull if you let me know if they are safe or not

It would be tremendously helpful if the next time you want us to check a supplement, you would supply a link to the exact ingredients.

Executive B ( involves: B1,B2,Nicotinamide, B5,B6,B12, H, Calcium ascorbate dihydrate, Acrobic acid,E, Magnesium phosphate, calcuim phosphate monobasic, folic acid, avena stavia(oats)extract=250mg/tablet , passiflora incamata(passion flower) extract=100mg/ tablet, lecithin= 50mg/tablet, choline bitartrate=25mg, inositol=25mg/tablet.

If you’ll look at the different sections of the protocol, specifically the Vitamins & Supplements link, you’ll see that we do not recommend a B vitamin complex because these always have off-balanced amounts of each vitamin. I couldn’t find a percentage of each B vitamin for the brand you named, but I can see immediately that the mg’s are way off from what is considered normal.

Milk Thistle 7000 – Brand: Nature’s own

Check the percentage/amounts of milk thistle and silymarin and compare them with the suggestions for milk thistle in this post. Vitamins & Supplements

– Calcium, Magnesium &Vitamin D3 ( all as one tablet)Brand: Nature’s own

Same as above.

* Also,I was wondering as, as most of my symptoms has been improved after 2 months sugar free diet, but I have decided to follow your protocol to cure candida completely, so do I need to use of Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate, while in forum it says it should be used when the symptoms are in Max. level?

If you don’t think you’ll experience any of the aldehyde toxins, then don’t bother with the Molybdenum. This is up to you.

* My toothpase has the following ingredients. Is that safe to use:
vegitable glycerin, purified water, hydrated silica, xylitol,natural flavors(should be spearmint),sodium lauroyl sorcosinate, stevia rebaudiana leaf/stem extract, cellulose gum, chondrus crispus(garrageenan), calcium glycerophosphate, copper PCA, zinc PCA Brand:Epic

If I told you this toothpaste is fine on a Candida treatment I would be guessing because I’ve never used a few of the ingredients, but my guess is that it’s probably not too bad since they use Xylitol.

* I am using Organic Lemon grass & Ginger herbal tea, Also, Chicory&Dandelion coffee(10% Chicory, and rest of that is Dandelion), is that safe these two as antifungle drinks?

Should be fine. Chicory and dandelion are prebiotics.

* What about Macadamia oil?

Up to you.

* Oats Bran should be gluten free and organic?

The link for the correct oat bran is in the diet information. Just click on it.

* Can I use of Nuts (Walnut, seasame, and pumpkin seeds)?

Please read the diet I sent you. What you eat is up to you, but later in the treatment, please don’t post on the forum that the diet isn’t working for you if you’re not following it as it was designed.