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Here goes my first post now that I’m suffering from full-blown candida and going crazy with all the do’s and don’t do’s! It’s rather long so I hope you can bare with me.

The Situation
My boyfriend (43) and I (39) are both sufferers, did a week-long detox, was on twice daily fluconazoles and the diet for a month (he’s more a proponent of the Body Ecology Diet), but went on a 3-day food binge after finding out I still had yeast infection and got discouraged. Now we’re back on twice daily fluconazoles and the diet (see below) for over a week. We both have lost a tremendous amount of weight and don’t want to lose anymore. We practice yoga several times a week and are now afraid to do anything too cardio. We wanted to know your thoughts on our plan of attack.

Able suggested in another post to first provide a background, so here it goes.
The Background
Me: I’ve always suffered from constipation as a child and found in an emergency operation when I was 17 that my larger intestines were longer than normal and got twisted up. Instead of cutting it (which I now wish they had), they spread them apart and kind of sewed it up to the sides so they don’t twist up again. I still suffer from constipation, as well as pain in my joints and back, and keep getting yeast infections. I was on birth control pills for many years and heavily partied with drugs and alcohol for a good 10 years or so, basically until I did the detox.

My boyfriend: Has had itchy/scabby skin around his buttocks and fingers/toes for the last 3 years. Has been a heavy partier since his teens and until last month pretty much an alcoholic. Suffers from major belching and horrible gas. Used to suffer from daily diarrhea but that seems to have cleared up since we started on the diet and/or he quit drinking.

And our plan of attack is
Our Diet:
– For all 3 meals we make a salad out of cultured veggies, ocean veggies, raw veggies, ground flax seed, spirulina, bit of aloe straight from the plant, and when we want more protein we add boiled eggs. Our dressing is a blend of virgin cold-pressed coconut oil or olive oil, sea salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar.
– Fish or chicken once or twice a week
– Millet w/veggies sometimes
– Steamed veggies or scrambled w/eggs, ghee or coconut oil
– Coconut water kefir with each meal and sometimes throughout the day
– Snacks consist of soaked/sprouted almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, and coconut meat fermented w/coconut water kefir

That’s basically been it for the last month…We definitely need to increase our repertoire, but we feel and hope the salad is best to fight candida and make lettuce wraps or nori rolls out of it as well to spice it up, and we find it quite yummy! 🙂

Our Supplements/Pills
– Fluconazole twice/day (he read that we should take it for 2 months, but I’m wondering if the candida could become resistant to it, or if it could cause other serious side effects )
– Grape seed extract
– B Complex
– Milk Thistle
– Dandelion

I myself also take:
– Collagen
– Calcium Pills
– Omega 3-6-9 Pills
– Webber Naturals Complete Probiotics

And I have ordered the following:
– Ultimate Floral Vaginal Support Probiotics
– Grapefruit Seed Extract
– Goldenseal Root

What are we doing wrong?
What can we do better?
Should we go the route of the strict diet if we don’t want to be like this for the next 6 months?

Any help/advice/recommendations would be truly appreciated!