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First day on the diet! Whoo Hooo! I’m feeling anxious for the two weeks to be up so I can start on the anti-fungals.

I’m realizing I have to lay out a schedule for the day to get things taken and so on.

I’m hopeful I can take my women’s multi vitamin which is Vitamin Code Raw
along with my regular D3, a vegan Vit E (which is not liquid), COQ10, and powdered C at 3000mg.

Able, what do you recommend as far as these vitamins are concerned so far?

I also read that SF722 is really great for vaginal candida and this is what has been an on and off again problem for me for years and years so I can’t wait to be taking this! I’m so excited to finally be able to balance my gut as well as to be done with this issue which has literally plagued me since I was a teenager.

I’m wondering if the symptoms of die off begin to demonstrate via the vaginal canal as soon as one cuts back on sugars? I was taking baths each morning, first thing, in warm water with apple cider vinegar and adding tea tree oil and found that I was a happy camper for 12 – 24 hours. Today is the first day I’ve had no sugars whatsoever but yesterday, my boyfriend still likes to take us out to eat so I indulged in some dishes with corn and black beans and had a cup of Chicory Coffee with figs and dates in it. I felt, upon waking, I needed to get into my bath right away because I was bothered by itching. I also use slight irrigation to help remove any build up. Is this die off or is it from sugars or ? I also use colloidal silver on a cotton ball to dab if there is itching I haven’t been able to remedy in the bathtub. I’m concerned that is making things worse.

I also don’t feel very positive about going to a gynecologist as I have made numerous trips in the past – even health store workers have given me bunk advice – and now I understand why! This is complex!!! My boyfriend and I are calling it quits because I am not very interested in being intimate and it’s been about 2 months with I’m assuming 2 months, at least to go. He’s also been somewhat unwilling to work together on expanding our financial base or create a happier, healthier system of taking care of our financial matters – which is causing me to feel very stressed and often cut off from needed supplements or tests so today I decided to take back full responsibility for my own expenses and dissolve this partnership – which has been an engagement.

I might be projecting – but I notice his behavior seems very foggy headed and easily overwhelmed and he gets over stimulated really easily. He was devouring carbs and sugars and has slowed down on that but gets very easily emotionally imbalanced. I;ve discussed what I observe and recommended he go for blood and breath tests but he doesn’t seem to be able to remember or commit and I;ve grown really wiped out from explaining to him repeatedly things it seems he “should” be able to understand and handle for himself. Most people – even a 21 year vegan – do not want to bother with scientific tests unless there is a glaring problem.

Ok… I’m done! It’s just been another frustration day of re-explaining to him and my coming to terms with my needing to move out of our house and move on from this relationship. 🙁