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hwc2020;46104 wrote: Able,
Hi. From what I’ve read to date, you are ‘our leader’.

I’m not the ‘leader’ of anything or anyone on this website; if I were, I would hope to be getting paid for my leadership.

Was on the Lisa Richards diet for almost 4 weeks. Clifs note version: I didn’t feel well thought it was die off and I had an infected tooth. Had surgery Wednesday, am on pain killers and another antibiotic (3rd or 4th this year which got me into this predicament in the first place). QUESTION: Do I need to begin all over again?

If you’re talking about starting over with a cleanse, you don’t need to do that, but you do need to add extra probiotics as well as drinking extra homemade kefir. We have a forum diet and protocol, so if you want the link to the diet, let me know.